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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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coming here and talking about the friends for the past thee decades and i have only done it for a year. it's the ideal example of a private public partnership with no public component. i have documents from the chief financial officer of the library to sustainiate that. how can public people who have been given a public trust sit on a board and lie openly to the public, stating that money that is raised in the public's name is being expended and have
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absolutely nothing to back it up. it's deceptive and misrepresented and right now it's a downright fraud. and your willful ignorance is a mortal sin. very frankly for you to sit there and allow a private public partnership to operate for decades with no oversight, not at all, millions of dollars
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of friend or raises and of the chief executive director donna barrow disappeared in december and contrary to what usually happens there was no oh, thanks for your wonderful things and just went away into the night. i wonder why that was. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon president chiu and supervisors. i have graphics. i guess the sheriff is coming back. it's all coming back to you now. and it's not unusual to lose your job at any time. it's not unusual to not even have a single dime. it's not unusual, it happens everyday in the city by the bay, you will find it happens all the time. the city will never do what you want it to, why can't this crazy city be mine? it's not unusual to not even have any work at any time. it's not unusual to lose your job. it's such a crime. if you should ever maybe want your back in the city changes its mind. it's not unusual sheriff
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mirkarimi to welcome you back. welcome back. hey hey hey, welcome back. welcome back. moons and junes and ethics, dizzy dancing. when every sheriff's dream becomes real i have looked at city life that way. i have looked at city from all districts now, from win and lose and we'll still try somehow. it's life's city allusions i recall. i really don't know politics at all. >> thank you, next speaker.
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>> my my name is eugene gordon, jr.. fascists, anti-fascists, and need to know san francisco main public library reports 2012 nobel price for peace democracy was awarded to european union. congratulations to the government, imperialists, but these artificial doves don't fly. going in and out of context. [speaker not understood]
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one liberation of german people from oppression/occupation. two repatriation. european union on federalistic basis. 8 european court of arbitration. 12, economic integration of europe. witness those parties to imperialistic germany -- [speaker not understood] >> thank you, next speaker.
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>> tom townsend south beach marina apartments. i just met for the third and last time my next door neighbor of 20 months, 14.5% increase sent him packing. while we're going about taking stock of our homes in the city, i want to reiterate that market-rate apartment in the city is first and foremost a vehicle for investors to make money. and they are not homes. when you are taking stock of the situation of the homes that are created here in the city, please why don't we find out what is a second home and a third home for the people that are buying our city? now later on this afternoon in 15 minutes we're going to have
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a ceremony for a fallen ambassador. there might be a moment of silence. why do we revere quietness? it's calming. it's soothing. it's what surrounds us. er can i
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>> thank you. supervisors, thank you for letting me have the time to talk. i am here to represent senior action network. i have been saved from 19 years' of living in my residency in my rent-controlled apartment and senior action network has saved me by letting me use their facilities, they stayed overtime so i could get a deadline and i'm so thankful that i'm in my place. i truly would liketo invite everybody here to come to our fundraiser. here we go.
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sorry, wrong side. one second. it's going to be hold thursday, november 8th from 6:00 to 8:00 at the lgbt center. i welcome you all to come. we need money and we're selling raffle tickets because life is a two-way street. if people help me, i have to give back. so i'm trying to sell raffle tickets and i would appreciate anyone here who would please participate and joining the fundraiser with me, because they really saved me. i'm still being threatened a little bit, but pretty much i have acted as my own attorney. i just want to say thank you for listening and please come to this event and support senior action network. they are a great organization. thank you very, very much. >> next speaker.
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[ inaudible ] >> it is one thing to anticipate a death because of old age or sickness. its quite another to experience the sudden violent death of a loved one. >> we need to bring awareness to this. we talk about bring awareness to other things, but why don't we bring awareness to this? our children are lieing in the streets dying everyday and if i have to show this everyday i will. i don't know what else to do.
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my son laying on a gurney. >> since 2004, san francisco has experienced an unprecedented number of homicides. >> we talk about domestic violence, this is violence against our children also. what about our children? what about the families? >> 60% of the homicide victims are people of color. their loved ones -- >> please help us.
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>> while at the same time are facing the crimes and violence of the unsafe neighborhoods that surround them everyday. >> just give us the same attention. >> thank you. any other members of public who wish to speak in general public comment, please step up. >> hello. christina olague, i have put in a request to meet with you and
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i'm looking for a call back. all right. i just feel like we do need some major reforms within the city. some of it is within our shelter systems and our property. i just feel like the local -- i feel like the shelter monitoring committee is being ignored. jane kim you are doing some work with that and i would appreciate if would you sends one of your legislative aide. >> excuse me, circumstance sir, we have a rule in the board that permits speakers from targeting certain supervisors. >> maybe you should send your legislative aides. maybe jane kim shouldn't be the only one trying to make the shelter systems better. i feel like the sf hot team is
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really being ignored in this equation. they will put someone off the streets and put them in a house and put their lives together. they have already cut them once and i would like at least people to start bringing them into the equation. the other thing that i am having a problem with. it just seems that everybody is disconnected from each other. like the san francisco male health association, the sro task force, the local homeless coordinating board and the shelter monitors are not really coming together to deal with this problem. >> thank you very much. i'm sorry, i realized you still have 25 seconds left. so we'll give you a little bit more time. >> i think the other thing, too is that we do need to deal with property and empty and
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abandoned property. so you have an excessive amount of people who are sleeping on the sidewalks and double-tripled up. you have families who live in something like the size of a bathroom. when we have houses that are empty. >> thank you. are there any members of public who wish to speak in general public comment? seeing no one, public comment is closed. colleagues, the memorial service starts at 4:30 and see if we can wrap this up superquickly. >> items 36 through 40 are considered for immediate and unanimous adoption and can be acted upon a single roll call vote unless members would like to severe the item? >> supervisor wiener 37.
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>> on the balance of the agenda, madame clerk roll call moment. supervisor elsbernd aye supervisor farrell aye supervisor kim heir supervisor mar aye [stkpwhr*-rts/] supervisor olague heir supervisor wiener aye supervisor avalos aye supervisor campos aye is >> president chiu aye supervisor chu aye supervisor cohen aye there are eleven ayes. >> the resolutions are adopted. item 37. item 37 resolution urging the board of supervisors to support statewide education funding intives to help san francisco public educational system. >> supervisor wiener? >> if supervisor mar would like to speak first. >> this is both as a funding measure for our schools and i think prop 38 has been controversial recently, but i will just say that prop 30 is the governor's measure that
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would help prevent serious cuts to our schools. it's supported not only by the california teachers association, but the california federation of teachers and many, many different groups from the california school board associations to others and our board of education supports both. prop 38 is our children and our future local schools and bond debt reduction act. it would actually support early childhood education that prop 30 does not and it's also an important measure. i think if both of them passed what would happen it would be worked out that we wouldn't be double taxed, but we would find the different compromises kinds of both work for our schools. the groups that support both measures is tom torlakson and
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california retired teachers associations and san francisco examiner and i urge support for both measures. supervisor wiener. >> thank you so supervisor mar for bringing this forward. i was surprised that we could take positions on ballot measures, but i was told by the city attorney that we were able to do so. i would make a motion to amend and add a second resolve that states further resolved that the san francisco board of supervisors president iss its strong disapproval on recent attacks of prop 30 and suggest that the supporters of propositions 30 pawn 38 refrain from attacking one another. second by supervisor mar and can we take that without objection? without objection that is the
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case a on the underlining resolution, same house same call, without objection. >> madame clear, would you read the memoriams.
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